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Why Combat Archery Exercise is Great for Team Building

warzonehk | July 30, 2022


War Zone

Among the worst-feared pitfalls of team-building exercises are boredom and dreaded silences, which could lead to an uncomfortable, awkward atmosphere. In recent years, Hong Kong has seen a growing trend in combat archery, also known as archery tag. But what exactly is combat archery, and why has it become such a popular team-building activity? Let us give you the low-down on the game and the reasons why you should consider it for your next team-building event!


Originating from America, combat archery is a relatively new competitive sport that combines aspects of dodgeball and archery and is often played as a team-building activity. The objective of the game is simple. Using a hand bow and arrow, two teams of players are given a designated time to eliminate the rival team while trying to dodge their arrows.

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Combat Archery for Your Next Team-Building Event

Safe yet exhilarating

Not your typical bow and arrows, the equipment used in combat archery has a special design to ensure the players’ safety. The arrowheads are padded with an ultra-safe foam tip to absorb impact so that players struck with them won’t feel pain, but the realistic feel of being “tagged” is nonetheless simulated; meanwhile, the recurve bow is light and user-friendly without losing the thrill of holding weaponry. The game itself is nothing short of action-packed and exhilarating, allowing for a highly enjoyable team-building exercise.

Simple learning curve

Simple and safe by design, combat archery is a game that is suitable for men and women of all ages. Even individuals with no archery experience can quickly jump into it and find their stride. This makes for an incredibly accessible game that’s fun right from the get-go!

Team Play

Combat archery is a team sport that requires the active participation of every member. Not only do all participants have to pull their weight and take part in the combat, but they must also protect their fellow teammates and help them dodge attacks. The strategic nature of the game also necessitates a high degree of teamwork and coordination and can thereby foster team spirit.

Strengthens communication

As mentioned, the tactical nature of combat archery means that a group strategy is needed to increase your chances of winning. Team members are encouraged to communicate with one another in order to execute their plans effectively and efficiently. Throughout the game, communication will also naturally arise, allowing barriers between team members to be broken down and mutual trust to develop.


Combat archery involves a level of physical endurance, coordination, and flexibility, as participants are constantly running around the battlefield collecting and dodging arrows. For many office-bound Hong Kongers, this is a good opportunity for them to move their bodies, work up a sweat, and get in some stress-relieving endorphins. Plus, combat archery can take place either indoors or outdoors, which makes it an easy choice when it comes to organising a company-wide team-building activity.

As one of Hong Kong’s leading indoor war game arenas, War Zone encompasses 20,000 square feet and boasts three realistic battlefield zones built with real brick and steel. It offers combat archery and a host of other team-building activities suitable for corporate groups, in addition to catering services and professional coaching. Moreover, the venue is situated in a convenient urban location, just a stone’s throw away from Lai Chi Kok MTR station. For a next-level combat archery experience to boost team building, War Zone will definitely fit the bill.

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Written by warzonehk

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