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Hong Kong’s top destination for team-building and fun indoor corporate events, War Zone offers the ultimate team bonding solution. We have 4 different offerings, 5 tried and tested game modes, catering partners, and professional coaches.

The four offerings that we provide:

The benefits of team building activities and events are far-reaching, and they have become an essential way to foster a better corporate culture in Hong Kong. In fact, it’s been proven that team building activities can help improve internal communication by up to 50%. By bringing employees together in a fun and informal setting, team building activities can help break down barriers and encourage people to communicate more openly with one another. In addition, team building activities can help to promote team morale and build team spirit. Through the process of working together to complete a task or challenge, employees learn to trust and rely on one another, which pave the way for better communication and collaboration in the workplace. Moreover, team building activities also help boost employee happiness, retention rate, productivity, and bring along a whole other string of benefits.

As an indoor team building activity and event, wargame offers you and your team the chance to strategize, communicate, and work together outside your usual corporate setting. You’ll be able to build crucial skills that directly translate to better productivity at work all while having a fun and thrilling day with no pressure, expectations, and stress.

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Why choose us to host your corporate event in Hong Kong?

Booking an indoor team building event with War Zone offers you the rare chance to relax and have fun with your team.

The benefits that come from this are long-lasting and contribute towards the long-term success of your business. Simply show up for a day of fun, completely customized to your preferences.

Here’s what makes us special…

We support several game modes for you and your team to enjoy and have fun! Besides the equipment, you can also customize the game to suit your needs and ensure a thrilling and fun day for all participants. Based in HK, our indoor venue caters to a variety of wargame team building activities, such as Team Elimination, Capture the Flag, War Cart, and more!

No corporate event is complete without food and drinks. That’s why we’ve partnered with top caterers in Hong Kong to provide catering services for birthday parties, team building activities, and more. Fuel up with some delicious bites and mingle with your team before taking it to the battlefield! Got specific dietary requests? No problem! Talk to us and let us arrange the perfect catering solution to meet the needs of everyone in your organization.

A big part of the appeal of wargames as an indoor team building activity is the element of realism. At War Zone, we up the ante by bringing you an ultra-realistic experience that simulates a real battle and guarantees the adrenaline rush you seek. With Soviet and NATO-inspired zones, our venue transports you away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and brings immersion at your corporate event to a new level.

Your safety is our priority.

for you

Our various offerings and indoor game modes are excellent for team building objectives! Our experienced coaches and trainers will tailor-make your course based on your group’s needs and experience, ensuring that everyone has a chance to participate and learn. We have worked with a diverse array of groups and companies in Hong Kong, with participants of all different skill levels. Whether you have a team of beginners or seasoned wargame players, we can mix and match a combination of team building activities that will provide the most fun for everyone on board!

Customized Session

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  • Hosting + Coaching
  • Rental gear offered (mix and match!)
  • Catering services offered

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