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From hosting a corporate team building event and throwing a fun birthday celebration to simply have some fun with your friends, War Zone is the prime destination to get some friendly competition on and have a blast. War Zone’s indoor CQB arena features 2 ultra-realistic testing zones with real bricks and steel (combinable into one single zone), 4 offerings, 50+ HD webcams for live streaming, and over HKD $10m in third-party liability insurance.



Fires foam darts and are perfect for kids from age 4 to 7. Safe and low-powered, the effective contact range is within 10m – perfect for either one or combined game zones at our wargame arena.


Fires plastic BBs. Our rental guns are powered at 1J. Effective contact range is between 5 to 20m. Suitable for ages 12 and up who want to play airsoft wargames on a more competitive playing field at our indoor CQB venue.

Gel Blaster

Fires Gel BBs that are made of water. Safe and medium-powered, the effective contact range is within 15m. Suitable for ages 10 and up.

Archery Tag

Fires foam-tipped arrows. Our custom War Zone bows have a drawing weight of 20 lbs. Effective contact range is between 5 to 15m. Suitable for ages 10 and up.


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2-Hour Session

(For Non-Members)
HKD 160 per person
  • Perfect for 10-20 people
  • Hosting + Coaching
  • Rental gear available (+$100)

4-Hour Session

(For Non-Members)
HKD 280 per person
  • Perfect for 10-60 people
  • Hosting + Coaching
  • Rental gear available (+$100)

Become a member

Had fun playing at our indoor wargame arena? Consider becoming a War Zone member to enjoy different perks and discounts all-year round.

Custom Experience

Game Modes

Game Modes

We support several wargame modes for you and your friends to enjoy and have fun at our indoor CQB venue!



Check out our team of brilliant coaches and the coaching lessons they provide.



We provide catering services for birthday parties, team building activities and others.

Looking for an unparalleled team building experience? From corporate events to class activities, we can help!

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Rent our studio for photoshoot group photos cinematic film cosplay photoshoot

With realistic props and neon lighting, our wargame arena is available for rental.

Send us a message for more information.


Close quarter battle (CQB) wargames are an exciting and immersive live-action role-playing game that simulates close quarter military combat. Players typically complete in a wargame arena, using tactics and weapons like airsoft guns and foam archery darts to complete objectives. In Hong Kong, indoor CQB wargames are not only a popular pasting among the action and adrenaline-seeking crowd, but are also often played as a team-building corporate activity due to its strategic and highly collaborative nature.   

The weapons used in our wargames are specially designed for recreational indoor combat and are safe as long as the safety rules are followed and the right protection gear are worn, such as goggles, masks, and vests. At War Zone HK, we offer all the necessary protective CQB gear for rental to ensure safe play. 

Just bring your sense of adventure and we will take care of the rest! While we welcome you to bring your own wargame equipment, rental gear, including guns and protective gear, are also available at our wargame arena in Lai Chi Kok. Click here to see the pricing information for rental gear.

There is no set dress code to play CQB, but like most wargame arenas in Hong Kong, War Zone recommends players to wear appropriate clothing that will allow you to move around comfortably and freely. This means no high heels, open-toed shoes or loose jewelry that could pose a safety risk.

Yes, a minimum of 10 people is required to book a CQB session at our venue. You can also make full venue bookings if you have a large enough group. The minimum player requirements for full venue bookings at our wargame venue are as follows:


Weekday 10AM – 6PM:   Minimum of 24 players
Weekday 6PM onwards:   Minimum of 30 players
Weekend anytime:   Minimum of 50 players

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How to get here

Our CQB venue is conveniently located just seconds away from Lai Chi Kok MTR station!


  1. Exit from Lai Chi Kok MTR Exit B1
  2. Turn left at the corner of Circle K
  3. Keep straight until you see the lobby on your left

Request a Booking

*Please note that the date and time specified may or may not be available.
Our staff will get back to you ASAP to confirm any booking. Thank you for understanding.

If you would like us to contact you via WhatsApp, please send us a message at 21529669 with your booking details. Thank you!

Send us a message

*If you would like us to contact you via WhatsApp, please send us a message at 21529669 with your booking details. Thank you!

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