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Customized Game Modes for Team Building | Indoor CQB & Wargame

Team Elimination

// Time: 6 minutes

Two teams start on opposing sides clash for victory in this classic ‘team elimination’, otherwise known as ‘team deathmatch’.

Each person will have 1 life each, and their objective is to eliminate the opposing team. Whichever team sustains the least casualties by the end of the 6 minutes will win the game, a team can also win by fully eliminating the opposing team within the 6-minute time limit.

Capture the flag

// Time: 4 minutes from capture

Two teams rush to capture a flag placed in the middle of the field and bring it back to their spawn and defend it for 4 minutes

Both teams will have 2 lives, both teams’ objective is to capture and defend a flag for 4 minutes. After capturing a flag placed in the middle of the War Zone, the capturer has to bring the flag back to a stand in front of his or her spawn and defend it for 4 minutes.

The other team can attempt to steal the flag back, and whoever is holding the flag at the end of the 4 minute period starting from the initial flag capture, his or her team will win the game.

War Cart

// Time: 10 minutes

Team A rush’s to push the cart to the one side of the map, whilst Team B defends it to the death

Both teams will have infinite respawn, Team A will respawn immediately upon returning to one of their spawns, Team B will have a 10 second respawn.

Team A’s objective is to push a war cart from the car shop towards the wooden side of the map, they can choose to respawn either from the cafè, or the house.

Team B’s objective is to defend the wooden side of the map and prevent the war cart from reaching its final destination, they can’t push the war cart backward. Team B’s respawn is located at the white wall in sakura, they have to count 10 seconds before every respawn.

Nuclear Missile

// Time: 10 minutes

There are two stages to this game mode. The first is stealing the nuclear launch codes from the peach wall in Japan, and the second stage is launching the nuclear missiles from the white wall on the other side of Japan.

In the first stage, Team A has to attack the peach-colored wall in Japan to secure a box, in which their launch codes are placed in the box.

In the second stage, Team A has to attack the white wall in Japan to get to a radio, where they will call out the nuclear launch codes and ultimately launch the missiles.

In this game, Team A will use the method of dynamic respawn as their way of respawning. This means if a teammate dies, they will have to find a teammate who is alive and tap them back into the game.

Team B will respawn in this game by returning to the white wall for a 10-second respawn.

The game announcer will announce which stage they are in as the game proceeds.

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