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Game Modes

Capture the Flag

Your Objective

Capture three of the other team’s flags to win!


This game mode takes place in our NATO-themed and Soviet-themed zones. Each team races to carry the other side’s flags while protecting their own.

Whichever side successfully removes, carries, and raises three of the opposing team’s flags at their base wins!

King of the Hill

Your Objective

Hold the Red Square for a minute to win!


This game mode takes place in our NATO-themed and Soviet-themed zones. Each team will race to secure the Red Square and raise their team’s flag on the pole.

When the flag is hoisted, a one-minute song plays in the background. If the opposing team manages to break into the square and lower the flag, the song stops and the timer resets.

The team with their flag hoisted over the red square for a minute wins.

Confirmed Kill

Your Objective

Collect the most number of dog tags to win!


This game mode takes place in any of our three game zones.

Each team is given 50 dog tags in a bin at the spawn point. If you are hit, you must leave your own dog tag along with any dog tags you have collected on the ground. You will get a new one when you respawn.

Whichever team has more dog tags in 10 minutes wins, or whichever team that runs out of dog tags loses.

Bank Heist

Your Objective

Rob or protect the bank!


The Robbers team is tasked to break into the bank. They must break open the safe with the given combination, load the gold bars into a duffle bag, and exit the game zone into the test firing area. The gold bars are of different size and weight and correspond to a different value.

The Police team is tasked to impede the robbers. The Police cannot enter the bank or come within a radius of 10m from the bank. Both teams take turns to be Robbers and Police.

Whichever team that secures a higher value of gold bars wins.

Rescue the Hostage

Your Objective

Rescue (or prevent the rescue) of the Hostage to win!


The SWAT team is tasked to find a hidden room within the flower store. Bring the hostage out to the test firing area and win.

When you’re escorting the hostage, you must put one hand on his/her shoulder for the hostage to move. You can only walk with the hostage.

The Terrorists will try to prevent the rescue. Each team takes turns to play the SWAT team and the Terrorists.

Whichever team that rescues the hostage in a shorter time wins.

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