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War Zone – Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty as a Rental Studio

warzonehk | April 29, 2022

The Limits are Endless

War Zone

From livestream concerts to variety shows, our clients have done it all.

Sponsored by Hang Seng Bank, Music Panda’s live concert featuring hit artist and band Endy Chow and Tonick chose our award-winning resting area.

YouTube sensation Trial and Error did a full-fledged variety show in our game zones, reaching over 800k views.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University dormitory Halloween event

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University dormitory Halloween event

The Perfect Rental Studio in Hong Kong

Location, location, location. For anyone who’s ever had to carry heavy camera equipment across Hong Kong for a shoot in the morning, location is pretty much still everything.

With that said, being LITERALLY 30 seconds away from the Lai Chi Kok MTR Station, War Zone as a photography studio is almost impossible to beat. With 20,000 square feet of indoor space in the heart of Kowloon, we provide both convenience and maximum amount of flexibility for any lighting and audio setup you need.

We also have a dedicated FTTO (Fiber To The Office) which provides maximum speed and stability for any livestreaming events. We also have 60 HD webcams that provide additional photography possibilities.

Got a truckload of equipment, costumes, or props you need to bring for the shoot? We have a truck drop-off area complete with an industrial elevator.

An accommodating music video shooting studio

With 20,000 square feet of space and a flexible floor plan, we are a DREAM destination for anyone looking to rent a photography studio where there is enough space to fit any cast, crew, models and equipment without sacrificing an inch of background for your perfect shot.

We also provide GoPro Hero9s and Sony A1s for rent.

This is the one photography studio where you can finally get that long, continuous track shot to give your MV that extra cinematic touch or go telephoto with your close-ups to tweak that shallow depth of field.

Need crisp audio for your witty dialogue? We have great sound protection from outdoor noises and distractions so you can go through a whole day of shooting without any interruptions.

Capture memorable moments

Run out of ideas for Instagram? Jump into a game of Capture The Flag and capture your best friend’s goofiest moments! Or, get your kids in full SWAT gear for a cute family photo. As far as we’re concerned, wargame is always great for the ‘Gram game.

Resting Area at War Zone

Our ultra-realistic scenes with stunning neon lighting provide a ready-made shooting studio for cosplay photography and any MVs or short film projects that need an urban or futuristic vibe. 

Got other ideas for your photoshoot? Our spacious and flexible floor plan allows for a wide range of setups to suit any portrait, fashion, product and event shooting, so bring your own props and costumes to nail that specific vibe you’re looking for!

An adrenaline-filled rush

As for the main mission, with one of the largest indoor venues in Hong Kong powered by Ultrarealistic Soviet and NATO-inspired zones and an arsenal of guns and equipment, we are still THE go to place for indoor wargame.

Experience a nerve-wracking game of real life PUBG with large games of over 50 players. Get lost inside an enormous battlefield with a smaller 10 player game. Change it up with a game of archery tag to see who’s the real Katniss Everdeen. Channel your inner soldier and conquer the War Zone.

War Zone

At War Zone, our collection of game modes is designed by die-hard wargame enthusiasts with pure adrenaline addiction. Test your tactics and teamwork with Capture The Flag and King of The Hill. Got something to prove about your shooting skills? Confirmed Kill is the go-to game for purists and sociopaths who want a no-mercy kill-streak.

There is a huge arsenal of NERF, Gel Blaster, Airsoft, Archery weapons as well as protective gear to suit any game mode, age group, and style of play. We are a real shooting studio, and not just for photography.

A Hong Kong rental studio serving many purposes

At War Zone, boundaries simply do not exist.

We design our games so that everyone can have fun. For a family gathering with children, NERF is a customer favourite that is safe and fun for both adults and children. For older friends and pros who are more competitive, we have an array of airsoft guns and gel-blasters for a realistic shooting experience. Coaching and lessons are also available for beginners and we’re all about helping newbies turn pro.

War Zone is the perfect destination for team building events and office outings. Workplace rumours and office disputes are settled here! Marketing and accounting can decide ownership of the common table with an all-out shootout. And from the feedback we’ve gathered from our office soldiers, nothing gets rid of stress like shooting your manager.

Aside from wargame and photo studio rental, War Zone’s gigantic space and convenient location makes us a perfect venue for any type of conference, party, or gathering. Our talented team of hosts and accommodating facility can cater to all your needs and requirements.

Got an event that you’re organizing? Check out our gallery or contact us to book your next action-packed event at War Zone!

Written by warzonehk

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