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Top 5 Team Building Activities

warzonehk | May 28, 2022

Boost Team Spirit— Top 5 Team Building Activities

War Zone

In recent years, team spirit has become the name of the game in companies across Hong Kong, giving rise to all sorts of new team-building activities on the market. By encouraging bonding and mutual trust between staff, these activities can boost team morale and foster a stronger collective sense of belonging. A good relationship between colleagues paves the way for better communication and collaboration, enhancing work productivity and efficiency.

Team building activities are indeed a great way to promote team spirit. They require participants to work together towards a common goal, uniting them in the process and allowing them to bond with each other in a fun and informal setting. If you are stumped about what team bonding activities to do for your next company event, we are here to help. Below are five great team-building ideas to help strengthen camaraderie in the workplace!



Art jamming is a fantastic entry-level team-building activity. It requires no special skills, is suited for participants of all genders and ages, and can be done indoors, taking any concerns of unpredictable weather out of the equation. Plus, most art jamming venues are situated in urban areas, making for high accessibility and ease of arrangement. Art is a great way to stimulate creativity while being conducive to stress release. Through group art jamming, your company’s staff are given the perfect opportunity to bond in a relaxed environment.


Cooking classes are a favourite team-building activity for many companies, and it’s not hard to see why. What’s better than having fun and delighting in made-from-scratch food at the same time? Cooking classes can also be enjoyed by all, and there are endless ways to up the fun factor. You can designate a specific dish for employees to create together or let them unleash their creativity and whip up their own scrumptious creations. Through fun-filled cooking tasks, employees of all levels can interact and corporate with each other in a casual way and savour a delicious meal together afterwards!


If your employees are spending a lot of time sitting down and glued to their monitors, why not have them hit the outdoors for some sun-soaked team bonding activities, such as farming? A group farming experience gives your employees the chance to get away from the daily stresses and connect with nature. Better yet, it is a collaborative activity that allows you to get active without demanding too much physical exertion. After the farming experience, you can take home your fruits of labour and share them with your friends and family!


A delicate balance of mental challenge and teamwork, escape rooms have emerged as a popular team-building activity in recent years. Within a set period of time (usually an hour or two), players are trapped inside a room and required to decipher clues and complete a series of cryptic tasks and puzzles together in order to make their escape. By communicating and collaborating toward a common goal, escape rooms make for a great ice breaker and team-building exercise.

War Zone


For a thrilling and fun-filled team-building activity, war games are your best bet! The key to success when it comes to war games is team morale and strategic thinking, the perfect formula for building up stronger cohesion and enhancing team execution with your employees. Upon finishing the game, team members can even be encouraged to discuss and reflect on their performance and how they could have approached the game different to achieve a better outcome. With the added element of excitement, war games are also a feel-good way of de-stressing, and the indoor setting means that your team outing will not be subject to the whims of the weather!

War Zone Resting Zone 02

War Zone is a leading indoor war game arena in Hong Kong. With over 20,000 square feet, and three realistic war zones made of brick and steel, the space provides ample room for activity and large-scale company team building. There are a total of 4 wargame gear offerings and 5 game modes, with catering services and professional coaching available. Conveniently located just a minute away from Lai Chi Kok MTR station, War Zone is an ideal destination to host a company team-building activity!

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