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CQB games beginner guide: CQB tactics, rules, gear

warzonehk | August 9, 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to CQB War Games: Rules, Gear & Tactics

If you are on the prowl for a fun, thrilling, and action-packed indoor activity that you can enjoy with a group of friends, then it’s time to pick up CQB games! An equally suitable activity for team building as it is for de-stressing and enjoyment, CQB games have become an increasingly popular pastime in Hong Kong. Want to hop on the bandwagon and dive into the exhilarating world of CQB games? We’ve got you covered—from CQB rules and equipment to winning tactics, here is your all-in-one beginner’s guide to CQB games!


What are CQB games?


Anyone with even a passing interest in airsoft wargames or military affairs will have likely heard of the term CQB before. An acronym for Close Quarter Battle, CQB is a military fighting style wherein small units engage in short-range combat with an enemy using firearms within a confined area. It is a form of offensive operation that involves rapid and intense action, precise shooting, and lethal force. Adapted into airsoft gameplay, CQB games are not only fast-paced and full of suspense but also a strategic challenge and exciting team-building exercise!


There are endless ways of playing CQB, and each game mode comes with its unique set of rules, but the goal is always to survive and take out the opposing team of combatants. That said, there are usually some basic ground rules in CQB to ensure safe and fair play. Protection gear should be worn at all times during the game, and shooting above the neck is off-limits. In addition, any form of physical contact is usually against CQB rules.


What CQB gear and equipment will I need?


CQB can take on a multitude of formats, and different CQB games call for different CQB gear. Some of the most popular CQB fighting gear include:


  • Nerf: Firing soft foam darts, Nerf guns are safe, low-powered, and easy to wield. They have the lowest firing range (within 10 meters) and are ideal for younger children.
  • Gel Blaster: A safe and medium-powered device that fires water-based BBs. It has an effective contact range of around 15 meters and is suitable for ages 10 and up.
  • Airsoft: Fires plastic BBs with an effective firing range of between 5 to 20 meters. Boasting higher speed and power, Airsoft is a great option for more competitive play. Suitable for ages 12 and up.
  • Archery Tag: Using bows and foam-tipped arrows, Archery Tag is a game mode that involves more skill and technique without compromising safety. It is suitable for ages 10 and up.


Besides the equipment you need for fighting, players will also be required to put on a set of protective CQB gear to ensure everyone can give their all in the game while staying safe. Typically, this includes a helmet, vest, face mask, and goggles.


CQB tactics and tips

CQB is much more than just a pure contest of physical endurance and agility; above all else, the key to winning is applying the right strategy and tactics. While there is no one-size-fits-all strategy that can be applied to every CQB game, having these tips in mind can go a long way in helping your team emerge victorious!


  1. Communication is a must: Never go into a game blindly. Plan and discuss your game plan with your fellow team members beforehand and make sure everyone knows their role. You can develop secret hand signals to communicate with your teammates during the game so that you won’t blow your cover!


  1. Play to your teammates’ strengths: When designating roles, play to each individual team member’s strengths to ensure the best chance of winning. For example, you may consider positioning faster and more agile team members on the offence and those less physically fit on the defence.


  1. Catch your enemy off-guard: An element of surprise may be just what you need to execute a successful endgame. The last thing you want is for your enemy to figure out your strategy and sabotage your game plan. Instead, keep them guessing about your position so that you can take them out more easily when they least expect it!


Where do I play CQB games in Hong Kong?


Now that you understand the basics of CQB games, rules, and tactics, you are ready to take to the battlefield and start playing! With CQB games having sprouted a sizable fanbase in Hong Kong, the city has become home to a number of indoor wargame arenas for playing CQB games, each with its own offerings. Choosing a venue that can cater to your needs and preferences is important, as this can make or break your CQB experience!


Sitting in the heart of Lai Chi Kok just steps away from the MTR station, War Zone is one of the best indoor destinations for playing CQB games in Hong Kong. It features a Soviet-themed and a NATO-themed game zone built with real brick and steel, creating an uber-exciting and immersive CQB experience. You can choose from four different CQB fighting gear and a host of game modes, allowing you to customize your wargame experience to your group’s preference! To ensure the best possible experience, you will only be playing with your own group (minimum of 10 people), and professional coaching and catering will be available upon request.


Click here to learn more and book your CQB session with War Zone today!

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