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5 Alternate leadership training activities

warzonehk | August 9, 2022

5 Alternate Leadership Training Games and Activities for Companies


Strong leadership is crucial to the success and growth of any organization. Having knowledgeable, communicative, and empathetic leaders in managerial roles of your company will greatly enhance employee engagement and productivity, reduce employee turnover, and improve company culture. Some people are born with natural leadership, but the good thing is that it’s a skill that can be honed through training and experience. Leadership training activities are precisely designed to help nurture the managers in your company to become highly-skilled and confident leaders. More and more, companies in Hong Kong are putting effort into organizing leadership workshops and activities to ensure that people put in charge of running the business are equipped with the right skills to captain their teams. We have compiled a list of some of the best alternative leadership training games and activities that you can consider when hosting your next company leadership workshop!



Leadership Crest


Leadership Crest is a leadership training activity that’s extremely easy to conduct, and requires no fussy equipment or preparation work. Traditionally, a family crest is a visual representation of a family’s values, strengths, and achievements. Applied to the workplace, it can provide leaders with a foundation to make better decisions and grow their team. Simply using paper and pen, have everyone draw a crest showing the important values and qualities of a great leader, and then ask them to share their drawings with the rest of the group!


Through this activity, participants are encouraged to reflect on their own performance as a leader, as well as open their eyes to what their peers deem as important leadership qualities that they might have overlooked. After all, leadership at its core is all about understanding the people that you are working with!


Maneuver the Minefield


Another leadership training game that’s fairly easy to run is Maneuver the Minefield. A makeshift minefield is assembled with rope or tape, with small “mines” made from paper scattered throughout. Depending on the level of difficulty you wish to achieve, you can plant up to 50 mines can be on the minefield.

Individuals then pair up into teams of two, with one member blindfolded, and the other guiding their partner across the minefield while trying to avoid stepping on any mines. The first team to make it safely across the minefield wins!


During the game, participants are given the chance to exercise vital skills like cooperation and communication skills, as well as listening and comprehension. These are all skills that a great leader should possess!



Tallest Tower


Tallest Tower is a leadership training game that requires you to put your problem-solving cap on. You will only need a handful of simple materials for this game, such as toothpicks, wooden dowels, tape, paper, and page clips. The rules are simple— teams work together to build the highest and most stable free-standing tower using the materials provided within a given time period.


Tallest Tower is a great game to include as part of a leadership workshop as teams are required to communicate, listen, and effectively discuss ways of building the tallest tower. Leaders need to take up the responsibility of listening to the opinions of their teammates and making the final decision on the design and architecture of the tower. They also need to ensure that everyone is doing their part right.




For a fun game that’s great for both leadership training and team bonding, look no further than Untangle. To play, ask a group of ten or so participants to stand in a circle formation and join hands with two other participants who are not standing directly next to them, forming a human knot. Then, have one or two leaders in the group take charge to untangle the knot without breaking the chain of hands. The game not only teaches problem-solving and fosters communication between leaders and teammates, but it also builds trust and encourages persistence!




Every military operation requires a good commander to make smart and strategic decisions. Simulating war scenarios through exciting military missions, wargames make for an excellent leadership training activity to not only sharpen problem-solving and agile thinking, but also build team collaboration and communication. The success of the game lies in employing a strong strategy that utilizes your troops as effectively and efficiently as possible. As the leader, it is up to you to assign the roles to your team members according to their strengths and make sure that everyone is on the same page—something that’s equally applicable in real-life work situations!


Looking for the ideal venue in Hong Kong to host a wargames leadership training workshop? War Zone is your top choice! Located in the heart Lai Chi Kok near the MTR station, War Zone is a 20,000-square-foot indoor wargame arena that’s designed to give you a thrilling and immersive wargame experience. Its war zones are made of real bricks and steel to add to the realistic battle scene, and there is a wide range of game modes and equipment options to choose from so that participants of any age and skill level can have a blast. To make organizing your leadership training event even more hassle-free, War Zone also offers professional coaching for all the games as well as catering services!

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