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What are some good team building games?

warzonehk | August 9, 2022

Top Game Suggestions For Company Team Building

Team building games are a great way for companies to promote teamwork amongst their employees. They get staff members out of their usual work environment and allow them to break down barriers, interact and work together in a fun and relaxing setting conducive to bonding. If you are in need of some team building suggestions, we are here to help. Read on for an easy breakdown of the top team-building games and how they can help promote team spirit!


Looking for some quick team building suggestions that you can easily do in the office? Whether you want to get your employees motivated for the week with a quick Monday morning activity or are hosting an end-of-week Friday happy hour, ice-breaker team-building games brilliant way to get everyone on your team smiling while helping them bond!

Blind Drawing

Blind drawing is a fun-filled team bonding game that takes minimal planning and can lead to some hilarious results! All you need for the game are some pictures, a piece of paper, and a pen. Two players sit back-to-back – one with the picture and the other with the pen and paper. The first player describes the picture they have on hand without naming any objects while the other must draw accordingly. You’ll be surprised by how far-off and comical the drawings often turn out to be. It can also be a great way to test how in sync you are with your teammates!

Office Trivia

Office trivia is another team-building game that can help break the ice. Prepare a deck of fun questions about the office and its people and test your employees’ knowledge and awareness about their workplace! To up the ante, turn it into a competition by dividing your staff up into teams and seeing which team can answer the most number of questions correctly! The game presents a good opportunity for your employees to learn more about their fellow co-workers in a chill and informal way.

Outdoor Team Building Games

If the weather is nice outside, why not head outdoors for your company team-building activity to soak up some sun and vitamin D? Enjoy team-building games together in the sun can also do wonders for de-stressing and boosting one’s mood. And you know what they say—happy employees are productive employees!

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is an exciting outdoor game that can cater to large-group team building and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders. Essentially, participants will be divided into teams, who will then have to complete a list of fun, and often wacky, tasks around town within a given period of time. Tasks can include taking a selfie with a stranger, finding hidden items, taking a photo in front of a landmark, etc. At the end of the scavenger hunt, the team that successfully completes the greatest number of tasks wins! The key to winning the game is a combination of good coordination and strategizing, as well as leveraging different people’s strengths to complete the tasks—all the makings of effective team-building.

Beach Volleyball

There is hardly a better way of taking advantage of the outdoors, getting active, and building camaraderie at the same time than beach volleyball—a classic outdoor team-building game. A big advantage of beach volleyball is that you only need a net and a volleyball to play. The rules are simple, you score points by hitting the ball on the ground of the opponent’s court and you have to try not to let it land on your own side. Whichever team scores 21 points first wins. Unlike many other net games, it allows many team members to play at once—meaning collaboration and teamwork are a must!

Immersive Experiences

Immersive experiences are arguably one of the most effective ways of team-building. They completely transport participants out of their everyday environment and into an unfamiliar arena, and require each and every participant to be fully engaged in the process, meaning no free-riders or individuals dominating the game!

War Games

War Games are the ideal immersive team-building game for companies. Dynamic and goal-oriented, war games essentially simulate small-scale military battles, where two teams work together to eliminate each other or complete a military mission. These games often involve strategic thinking and coordination between team members, as well as a fair bit of physical activity!

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