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How do wargames benefit your physical well-being?

warzonehk | August 9, 2022

How does playing wargame benefit your physical well-being?


In this modern day and age, it’s easy to let your fitness and physical health slip to the wayside. Life’s many challenges and responsibilities can get in the way and force us to choose to spend our time either on things we love doing, or things we know we should do to stay healthy, such as eating well and regular exercise.


One of the benefits of wargame is that, for many, it combines the two. Much like exercise and sports such as football and basketball, wargame can have a hugely positive impact on your physical health while also being a great source of enjoyment. Some of the ways it does this are a little more obvious than others, but each of these factors plays a huge role in improving your physical health if you play wargame on a regular basis. Without further ado, here are some of the reasons it’s an incredibly healthy hobby to have.


#1: Wargame offers exercise that strengthens your heart


Especially when played in a spacious arena like the one here at War Zone, wargame involves a significant amount of exercise and physical exertion. Combine this with players often battling each other for up to several hours at a time and you’ve got a great source of cardiovascular exercise which helps strengthen your heart and increase your endurance over time. In this sense, playing wargame helps improve your health in a very similar way that going jogging or cycling would – except you’re having significantly more fun while doing it.


In fact, keeping your cardio fitness up is one of the best ways to lessen your chances of developing heart disease and other heart-related conditions. Not to mention, for those of us that want to cut some weight, cardio exercise alongside a good diet is vital.


#2: Wargame exercise improves your reaction times and reflexes


A sport like wargame trains you to be alert and quick on your fingers. Especially when coming into a head-to-head encounter, it’s almost always the one that can react and aim faster who comes out on top. Good reflexes are one of the ways your body keeps itself out of harm’s way. Training your body to react quickly is just one aspect of keeping a physically healthy body to lead a long and happy life.


#3: It’s a great arm workout


Carrying around your wargame weapon of choice might not be the same as deadlifting your personal best, but it’s not to be ignored. In fact, this workout is one of the many benefits and advantages of wargames.

Holding your weapon up and aiming for hours on end is bound to give your arms a nice workout and keep them flexible and strong. This is especially true for those who enjoy archery tag, as cocking the bow back each shot requires a significant amount of strength and uses plenty of muscles in your shoulders, chest, and back.


#4: Sports help reduce stress


Even though stress is a non-physical feeling or emotion, it can have very real effects on your physical health. If we think about it in that regard, then reducing the amount of stress you feel is a great way to stay in good physical shape.


One of the benefits of wargame is that it can relieve stress for several reasons. The endorphin release from the exercise alone helps your body manage emotions such as stress and anxiety, while the strategic aspect of wargame develops and improves your cognitive thinking skills. This will have a direct impact on how you approach other aspects of your life – namely those which might be causing you a great deal of stress.


#5: Moving quick helps make you more agile


With all the obstacles and tight corners in many wargame arenas, the sport teaches you to be nimble and agile on your feet. This will help your body stay in good shape when it comes to your posture and steadiness throughout a wide range of activities, including other sports. An agile person is far less likely to sustain an injury when moving rapidly to avoid something or act quickly.


H2: #6: Competition motivates you to stay healthy


Whether you’re playing a friendly game with and against friends or a proper match, wargame brings the competitive side out of you. The desire to win and be the best at wargame means that you also have to be physically fit and do plenty of exercise. This alone is enough to encourage those who actively participate in wargames to maintain their physical health even when not playing the sport itself.


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At War Zone, we’re all diehard wargame fans who understand the benefits and advantages the sport can bring everyone. If you’re looking for a new and improved venue or simply a place to have fun with your friends, War Zone has what you’re looking for. Book our highly realistic CQB arenas, pick between airsoft, gel blasters, nerf, and archery tag and play your favorite game modes all while staying fit.

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