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Best indoor activities ideas in Hong Kong on a rainy day

warzonehk | August 9, 2022

The 7 best indoor activities ideas to do in Hong Kong on a rainy day


Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Whether you want to go shopping, hiking, to the beach or grab a quick bite, the city offers it all. In almost every corner, there is always something to do and something to see. But it’s also a well-known fact that sometimes, plans change as the weather changes. A rainy day doesn’t always match up with your outdoor agenda and you end up thinking at the last minute, “What types of indoor activities are available in Hong Kong?”


No need to panic! Fortunately, there is a wealth of things to do indoors in Hong Kong and we are here to help. In this guide, we round up our favorite indoor activities in Hong Kong—no matter rain or shine!


Watch a movie in a theatre


When it rains in Hong Kong, most of us immediately think to stay in, snuggle up and binge-watch a show or movie. But why not venture out a little and go to the cinema. With a larger screen, higher-quality surround sound and a dark atmosphere, movies are much more enjoyable in the cinema due to the immersive experience. Cinemagoers can also snack on familiar theatre snacks — popcorn, hotdogs, nachos and more, making going to the cinema a great rainy-day activity in Hong Kong.


What’s even better is that most cinemas in Hong Kong are easily accessible in shopping malls through covered infrastructure (such as the MTR or bus stops!), so you won’t have to worry about getting wet.


Put your problem-solving hats on for an escape room


Unleash your thinking skills by visiting an escape room. This indoor activity idea in Hong Kong is the perfect way for people to get creative and use brain power. If you’ve never tried an escape room before, it essentially involves themed rooms where you and your friends or family get locked in. You are then required to solve a series of mini puzzles to accomplish small goals and in the end, escape from the room!


Escape rooms make for a great indoor activity in Hong Kong as there are different rooms with varying difficulty levels made for a range of ages. You can easily spend hours in different rooms unlocking and solving problems, forgetting that the weather outside is raining!


Get competitive in a board game café


If escape rooms are not your thing, why not opt for something less time-sensitive like a board game café. With a variety of game types for different ages and different group numbers, you are sure to find something to play in their game library. If you don’t know what to play, assistants in the café are also trained to help you find the perfect game for your mood, and even teach you how to play.


The additional bonus of a board game café is that you get to try out games beforehand if you are looking to buy one. This is why board game cafes often top lists for indoor things to do in Hong Kong.


Practice your swing with bowling


Get your competitive side out and improve your skills by choosing bowling as your indoor activity idea of choice in Hong Kong. Bowling as an activity is a fun and easy way to brighten up any rainy day, especially since alleys are also entirely covered indoors.


Bowling is also suitable for all ages, and you don’t have to be good at it to have fun, meaning that you can get a big group of mixed people of all sizes, ages, and skill levels together to knock pins down. Even better, some bowling alleys let you eat and drink as you play to satisfy any cravings.


Become a MasterChef


Sure, you can cook at home, but buying, preparing, and choosing something to make is time-consuming. Especially during a rainstorm, as supermarkets are normally packed with people buying groceries to last them through the rainy period. Another popular indoor activity idea is to take a cooking class!


By taking a cooking class, you can learn about different food cultures and culinary skills. The ingredients and portions are also carefully prepared for you, all you need to do is follow the instructions and you are well on your way to becoming a chef regardless of the weather outside. This is a popular choice as a rainy day activity in HK.


Engage your brain, body and skills for War Zone!


We are a little biased but with good reason. The best indoor activity in Hong Kong, especially on a rainy day, is having fun in a War Zone. With so much gameplay variety that tests both your physical and mental brainpower, this indoor activity is widely available, fun to play, and all-inclusive — so no one feels left out!


This is a truly unique experience with options for everyone ranging from beginners all the way to advanced. War Zone offers different game modes and gear, allowing you to book a custom experience tailored to you, your friends and your family’s preferences.


If you are looking for an unmatched indoor activity in Hong Kong, look no further than War Zone.


It doesn’t have to rain for you to book your War Zone spot today


War Zone is a great way for you to get your fitness up, freshen up your skills and exercise your strategic mind in an immersive experience. But remember, it doesn’t have to rain for you to make your visit – War Zone is fun on any weather occasion!

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